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In Loving Memory of


Chris's beloved Border Collie

January 31st 1993 to November 2nd 2007

dx T-Cell lymphoma June 1st '07

Mickey was a 14 year and 10 month old Border Collie who - until about 4 months ago – was carrying on like a young pup. I got him when he was 5 weeks old. I was only suppose to house train him and then give him back, but in the end I refused to let him go. He was my very special little boy and the only child I'll ever have.

A soul mate.

Chris & Mickey boy

Mickey Boy
Mickey Boy Relaxing


Bart Pajamas

Surprise Shot

School Boy

Off to school

One year ago today at about 7:30pm, I had to let my Mickey boy go. It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by, especially since it is all only beginning to sink in now.

Mickey was an elegant Border Collie born 31 January 1993. He loved his family, toys, garden and going for drives in the country and to the beach. Very intelligent and full of fun, he was a youthful boy all his life except for those last couple of months when the combination of the cancer and chemo began to take its toll. He was always the little gentleman, but had a mischievous streak in him. Stopping to smell the flowers was one of his favourite things. There are often frogs around here and Mickey was always delighted at the sight of one. Unfortunately, he always insisted on picking them up in his mouth and dropping them in the pool. This meant that saliva would be running out of his mouth long after (give your furbaby milk if he/she ever does this).

Mickey took pride in his appearance and couldn't stand being dirty. He kept himself well groomed and allowed his mommy to give him regular bathes and brush his teeth. Needless to say, he got admiring glances wherever he went and thoroughly enjoyed it! As did I and it was indeed impossible to be humble with him by my side! Although shy around strangers, Mickey was fiercely protective if anyone dared touch his mommy.

On the evening of 2 November 2007, the very moment that Mickey took his very last breathe, it started to thunder and lightening. It lasted 3 minutes and was quiet the rest of the night. My boy passed away peacefully at home in his own bed surrounded by his favourite toys with his mommy lying next to him and with a flower by his side.

He now at rest in the garden that he so loved which has since become a `white garden' in memory of my love.

People often ask if I will get another dog and I always reply with a `no'. I had my dream furchild and that's where I'll leave things.

The friends I made on this support group are the forever kind. We went through so much together. Sadly, for most, the battle has been lost. I would not have made it through Mickey's illness without the support I got from the group. I would not have gotten through this first year without the love, support and understanding I continue to receive from those of you who have become dear friends. Our precious furbabies have left us in one another's care while they have gone to play at the Bridge.

Much love to those of you still bravely fighting this battle for and with your precious furbabies. May they continue to kick the beast in the butt!

Chris and Angel Mickey boy

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