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In Loving Memory of

Little Miss

Died October 5th 2003

Sam's beautiful Scottish Terrier

"The cancer that took my dog yesterday appeared on her stomach in the form of a mammary gland tumor two weeks ago. It was removed shortly after detection, but had already spread to her lungs (and thus, throughout her body). She had only a month prior to this been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease (and this after months of tests and general poor health). She was 12, not terribly old for a Scottish Terrier, and certainly not old enough for me. I am still in shock at the rapid decline of her health. I have cried until my face is raw and am only seeking in writing these words to ease some of the pain. If anyone reads this, I want you to know what a gentle, helpless little creature she was. I did not deserve her. My house is empty and my heart is truly broken by this sudden loss. My empathy to anyone who has gone through, or is presently going through this."

Scottish Terrier, Little Miss
Scottish Terrier, Little Miss, 2000

Scottish Terrier, Little Miss
Little Miss's last picture, 10.04.03

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