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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Julie's "Mouser"

July 1994 to September 15th 2007

dx Intestinal Cancer August '07

Angels Toby & My baby Lemiuex

"I thought I'd share a few of my favorite memories of our "Mouser" -

As a tiny kitten, she would perch upon my shoulder and "push purr" like a little soldier marching place

As a young cat she loved winter time because it meant she could crawl into the sleeves of my down ski jacket to sleep snuggily (and panic me because I couldn't find her & wouldn't have dreamed of looking in my coat sleeve)

The time she uncharacteristcally snatched a pork chop bone from a plate, and growled when we tried to take it away from her

She was named after a hockey player my husband (then boyfriend) really liked. He wasn't a big fan of cats, so I thought if I named her after someone he liked, it might transfer to her. It worked -- he once admitted to me that out of our 3 creatures, "Mouser" as he called her, was his favorite.

Like a hockey player, she as a young cat enjoyed playing with an ice cube in the bathtub

She was a lovely cat, and was with us for 14 years -- not long enough, but those years were wonderful. I know she was ready, and I know I made the right decision for us today, but I'll miss her deeply..."

Angel Allie
My son Sam as an infant with Angel Allie, who left us this past May

Angel Toby
My daughter Sarah with the first of our family to become an angel, Toby

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