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In Loving Memory of

Lady and Kahlua

Lady, 2000 Osteosarcoma
Kahlua, June 2002 Leukemia

Nancy and Jim with Lady and Kahlua!



November 4th '07 and a Very Special Tribute for Athena and Abel
and In Loving Memory of Nancy's Husband, Jim

Just Friday eve, Kahlua's daughter, Athena slipped into the field of Dreams and left for the Bridge at about 9:15. She had endured severe arthritis in her knees and developed a bone infection that sapped her immunity and strength. Somehow she found the energy to walk into the house one last time on Wednesday where she had the best hospice care I could give her before slipping away. She will join her brother, Abel (he went to the bridge in Feb. of 2006, of degenerative spine disease) at Loving Rest Pet Cemetery in Indianola, IA where Lady and my husband Jim's ashes are buried along the K9 Honor wall.

That's Abel, the big guy facing me, and Athena is looking into the camera.

Very special prayers for Nancy who has fought such a very brave fight over the years.

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