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Wendy's beloved 10 yr old Goldie

Dx Testicular Cancer August '07

Jason was Dx on 08-20-2007 and the Tumor was removed the next day- 08-21-2007, My Vet wanted to get it out ASAP and then set us up an appointment w/the Cancer Center here in Jacksonville Fla. to have more extensive tests to make sure that the Cancer had not spread to his major organs. They were booked solid so we had to wait a Nerve Wracking 7 days to get him seen. But after tests and X-rays and another 3 days of mind blowing Anxiety waiting on results to come back !! He was cleared of all Cancer . Thank the Good Lord.. But we had to take him back in 6 months for a Re-Check { which was this February ] to be sure nothing had come back. And so far ALL is well with him..


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