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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Charlie's Golden Boy

Died August 23rd 2008 aged six years

dx lymphoma October 17th '07


Yesterday at 1:00 pm, Jackson went to be with his sister Sadie at the bridge. He'd been doing well, lots of tail wags and kisses, but I could tell he was getting tired.

The house is really quiet now. His cherished stuffed animals are still lying where he left them. All of the cherished memories are flooding back. Last night, I saw the first firefly of the season. There was only one. I like to think it was Jackson letting me know that he was happy and healthy, with his sister, and everything is okay.

Jackson, I am so honored to have had you in my life. You'll always be in my heart.

You'll always be my little Bubba, my little Pumpkin- butt, and my best friend

Jackson and "Hootie" the owl

Jackson and "Clifford"

On October 13th '07, I took my girl Lola, who is a 4 yr old Kommondore, to the doctor to get her monthly shot for Addison's Disease (she had her first Addison's crisis in July). Jackson, my 5 yrst old Golden, wanted to go along for a ride so off we went. Lola got her shot, and the vet techs sat down with Jackson to love on him and enjoy the never-ending supply of Jackson smooches. That's when one of them felt a bump and she told me to wait and let the Dr. look at it. He felt and said it was most likely lymphoma, but they did an aspiration and sent it off. The test results came back October 17 as positive

October 24th '07 - Many thanks for the diet information - we started Jackson on the Cancer Diet on Sunday - and I know he thanks you, too! He loves it! We took him to the oncologist on Tuesday and decided to go with chemotherapy (he is Stage III). He handled his first treatment like a trooper - the doctor said he was giving everyone smooches the whole time. And he made some wonderful friends - there were six Goldens all waiting for chemo treatments, which was so sad. He hasn't had any side effects at all and, in fact, came home and wrestled with his brother and sisters for a good half hour.

Relaxing in the pool - where's my drink?


Drying off

Now THIS is relaxed!

Helping Sis' Sadie into her life jacket

Jackson with Lola and Roger

Hoppy Halloween 2007!

Jackson in the snow

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