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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


March 30th 1997 to October 31st 2008

Norma's beautiful girl

dx lymphoma November 26th '06

November 1st '08 - Goldie did not die of lymphoma cancer this is what she had before but to another aggressive cancer. Her spleen burst and she bled internally. Her lymphoma was gone and gave 2 more years in her life after the treatment.

Goldie was my best friend and baby for 11yrs.


October '07 - Goldie went through 25 treatments, once a week for 12 weeks and every other week 'til its done. Her 1st treatment the lymph nodes went down and disappeared. We finished chemo last June/07 and just going for check up every 3 months. So far she is still in remission. it will be 1 yr next month. you will have side effect while in chemo treatment and thats one way the chemo pass through their bodies.Iit might be diarreah, vomiting, lethargy or not eating. just hang in there after the chemo pass their body they will be okay. If diarreah occur get some Methodynozone (sp?) from your vet and feed her boiled chicken and rice, canned pumkin is good for their digestion. Vomiting I give her Reglan from the vet preciption, not eating I feed her baby food meat, or sometimes I hand feed her. Just make sure they drink. a lot of patience, hard work and lottttttttssssss of LOVE. my vet suggest cancer diet and enova evo dog food. So far my golden turn 10 yrs old and she is doing great.

I am excited to have received Goldie's 2nd message. Last week I saw a rainbow the day after Goldie passed away? Today I saw another rainbow and its behind our condo complex. I just used my phone to take this picture because I don't have a film in my camera. After I took the picture the rainbow it's start fading away. so, I am crying and waving goodbye to Goldie. "Thanks for the message. "

My vet always have their patients picture in their files. The day we pick-up Goldie, Jennifer (Dr Baker assistant) print this picture for me. I framed it and put a little scrapbooking stuff in it.

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