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Endlesslove Gallery

Frosty and Laddie

Maria's beautiful dogs

Frosty, dx. adenosarcoma of the anal gland '06 &lymphoma April '08

Laddie dx MCT '02

Frosty and Laddie

My 15 year old Cocker Mix Frosty was diagnosed with Lymphoma 3 weeks ago. Because we live close to Michigan State University, we went for a consult. They reported that with a new protocol, lymphoma has a 85-95% remission rate. I had already made up my mind I was not going to subject her to chemo, but after hearing that and their report of few complications, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, the side effects were not acceptable to me. She aquired a huge abscess on her leg, then terrible gastritis almost requiring a transfusion. She was miserable. This is not quality of life to me. Luckily after stopping the chemo, she has slowly returned to the cookie monster she was before. They said last week she was in complete remission but this week, completely out of remission. This is a roller coaster. I coordinate foster care for our local shelter but advised them I could not foster while she was on chemo, but agreed to some short term fostering of 2 abandoned cocker spaniel puppies last week. I've never seen anything so cute in my life. Green eyes, big heads and waggy tails. Despite them saying they were healthy, both died this week from parvo which threw me in a tail spin worrying about Frosty catching it with her depressed immune system. Bleach is my friend. I've seen enough death this week to last a lifetime. But she seems happy and healthy for the moment and that's all we have. She had been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the anal gland two years ago and was given two months to live. I declined chemo at that time. Glad I did since she's lived two years beyond that. She was the perfect dog from 8 weeks of age when I rescued her. She still is. I also have a tri-sheltie that was diagnosed with mast cell cancer two weeks after I rescued him 6 years ago. He went through radiation and is going strong. Laddie is one tough little guy!

frosty and Max

Frosty and Max

Frosty at Halloween

Frosry and Family

Frosty and Family

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