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In Loving Memory of


dx osteosarcoma July '01

Lynda's beloved Great Pyranees

After much internet searching (on a friend's computer as we did not have one at the time), and soul searching, we went ahead with amputation, followed with 5 chemo. treatments (Carboplatin). At the time of surgery, radiographs showed his lungs were clear of any metasteses. We live in Ontario, Canada, and his treatments/check ups are done at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph. They have been wonderful.

Cruiser the Wonder Dog

Cruiser the Wonder Dog!

Taken at Pet Smart on his 3rd b.d., 12/14/01 - 4 mths. after amp. surgery.


Back To See All His Friends

His first Cruise Night after his amp. surgery - 10 days after. Sept. 2001


The Couch Potato

This is where he goes when I have to go out and tell him to MIND THE HOUSE! Guard dog hard at work!


Cruz the Smiling Dog!

Taken at Pet Smart - his favourite b.d. place! - 12/14/01- 3rd b.d.


The Happy Dog

This face says it all! May 2003

Cruiser the Chair potato

The Chair Potato!

Do not ask me how he did this!


Playing Tug

He may be missing a leg, but he is still VERY STRONG! April 2003


Fleas Navidad

Modelling his new Christmas bandana! December 2002


Surveying His Property

Actually, he was watching our cats! April 2003

Cruiser the Great Pyranees Puppy

Our Little Baby

Was he not just the cutest puppy you ever saw? Roughly 9-10 wks

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