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In Loving Memory of

Cody Lynn

Peggy's beautiful Doberman Girl

September 20th '00 to October 16th '07

dx B-Cell Lymphoma Grade V July 17th '06

Cody, very peacefully, received her Golden wings this morning at 7:15 A.M. our time in her own bed. She did kiss me one last kiss and flew to the rainbow bridge. She did it her own way and on her terms. The vets feel she threw an embolus.

The beast didn't win after all!!

Cody Lynn
"Loving Life"
Beating the "Beast" Cody's Way

Happy earlier days.

She continues to chase those beloved frisbees of hers and swim with her brother Gunnar at our lake. She gives hope to those newbies in our oncologist's office - no one can believe that she has Lymphoma. She has helped to dry so many tears in that office, when owners listen to her story in awe of her progress.

She is the official greeter and ambassador of hope to so many every time we pay a visit.

Cody Lynn
Cody - my summer flower
"my left side better than my right?"

Cody Lynn
Cody in the swim of things.

Cody at home
"How much do you love me??"

Cody in fashion
"Who's better than me?"

Bear teaching Cody to swim

Cody at the lake
protecting all small critters

Cody (on left) & Gunnar
Waiting for the dinner bell

My brother saved me from the mouse!!

"Miss Wings"

Cody Kicking Lymphoma
"Living Life"

"We started with B-cell Lymphoma July '06. Cody's first chemo rx. was Elspar with 21 days of Prednisone. Nodes went down fairly quickly - then she went on weekly rx's - alternating - Adriamycin, Cytoxan and Vincristine for 6 weeks then the same drugs, alternating, every 2 weeks for 6 weeks then we started every 3 weeks for 3 months"

And to visit Cody's Page on Rainbows Bridge

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