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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Died May 31st 2008

Mary's 8 yr old Golden Boy

dx hemangiosarcoma September 17th 2007

Chase underwent a splenectomy and clean margins of the tumour were obtained and he did so very well for so long!

"We had to put Chase our beloved Golden Retriever down last night, the hardest thing I have ever done. His decline started 2 weeks ago with a general slowing down and he was even bounding around that morning but by the end of the day he just didnt want to get up, he seemed bloated and his gums were pale.

What a dog he was, I have never been so intune with a pet. Now every room I walk into at home is such a lonely place, the spots where he lay down, his basket of toys, I will miss working in my office and him coming over every now and again for a hug. I feel such intense grief and loss and yes even anger that such a beautiful creature of God has to die like that.

He made it longer than most with Hemangiosarcoma and for that I am grateful."

Chase, Thanksgiving '07

"Well, our boy made it through Thanksgiving and we are so grateful. Our daughters were home from college and we all got to spend quality time with Chase. We always go to a tree farm the day after Turkey Day and cut down a tree. Of course Chase is always a part of that and he enjoyed it as much as all the previous trips. He is still doing so well 2.5 months post surgery that I am amazed. Maybe he will be here for Christmas too. Is that too much to ask! Every day is a gift.

We wish you all the best. Our pets are worth every effort we can make."

Chase, Thanksgiving '07

spoiled doggy

Chase on the deck

hanging on the deck

Chase with his gingerbread man

waiting for cake

Christmas '06

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