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In Loving Memory of


Untouchable Legend

Died December 15th '07 aged 4 yrs

Dianne's handsome Brindle Boxer

dx lymphoma July 2007.

"Thanks to all who prayed, chatted, thought of us or sent an encouraging email. Unfortunately, Capone lost his battle with lymphoma Saturday December 15th at 10:30am. We were lucky to have him as long as we did. He was a GREAT companion. We couldn't have asked for anyone better"

Capone and his pet Pawley

Capone sleeping

Capone on vacation

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Capone and his cousin Abby

He had 6 treatments within a 3 month period on a very experimental protocol. It included initial chemo drugs plus a "rescue" protocol up front instead of waiting. With the first treatment, they administered adriamycin and injected cytoxan. This took about an hour and we went home with dexamethasone to administer the following day. Two weeks later was an all day treatment consisting of elspar,cytarabine,bleomycin and the dexamethasone. The third treatment, two weeks after that, went quickly and consisted of vincristine and we took home ceenu and the dexamethasone. Then these three treatments repeated themselves.

Now we start the waiting game and hope we wait a very long time before those lymph nodes come back...

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