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PetswithCancer {Endlesslove} Angels

In Loving Memory of


Prinhill Cameo Reflections

May 11th 1995 to November 29th 2009

dx Mast Cell Cancer tumors done with aspiration biopsy
November 26th 2006.

Sheila and Peter Buckley's beloved BI Blue Merle Shetland Sheep Dog


8:15 am Sunday - With abounding sadness we let our loved Cameo go today to be with her Tipper that she so loved. We had been to a birthday yesterday and when we came home we found her unable to stand and when she did she would only fall again. We had her put to sleep this morning at Tuffs animal school hospital at 8:15 Am EST. She was ready and it was again one of the very hardest things to do as she would have been with us 15 years this May to come.

I promised to her that I would have the last dance. I did and she did it with grace as she did all her loved life. Our Grand Lady is now gone from our life but, will be with us forever.

We are both very upset now as it should be and know it had to be done. I just thought all of you would like to know what has indeed come to pass.

God Bless each of you

Sheila and Peter D. Buckley

"We use general veggie diet with rice and meat mixed as well as multi vitamin with one capsule of MSM which is conjoinin and conglosimine for joint pain as well as pill frrm yeast and garlic pill each day. They all get the same but the young do not get the MSM we do mix kibble in very small amounts with morning meals. We have no bugs on them and they are all in good health they eat food that we have cooked for our own meals! So if this is the way to go then if I can eat it they can but is very smaller amounts. They enjoy Coffee twice a week and eggs twice a week that is what they eat"

Cameo has so many tumors all over her body, there is no operation.

Most look at this type of cell tumors as fat cell brought on by old age, there is nothing that can or will be done but let it run it's course.

Cameo is loved each day and has no knowledge that she has CANCER at all.

This is our Bi Blue Merle Prinhill Cameo Reflections, she will be 14 this year May 11th 2009. Her buddy T. J. Laddy keeps her young and plays a bit and she now has a new buddy to run after, Donovan.

Loving each Day for as long as we have!.....


Cameo & T J Laddiie
Cameo and T.J. Laddie

Copyright Peter D. Buckley 11/3/07

I Woke to a Dream.

There the Snow falls from my brow softly to the ground which melts into a blanket. There are marks to be seen fading off to no place at all. The earth is cold and hard not a sound of a bird, not a bee on a flower, but a frozen orb, with a dried clutch of leaves.

I Woke to a Dream.

There the rain falls from my brow softly to the ground, tears for all our lost to hear. Silent in the distance a church bell sings a chant for all that still are here. The rumble of a heart beat, as a bomb on a battle field. The air so cold it stops time for but a moment of our time.

I Woke to a Dream.

There the Smell of new life, warm and soft to touch. The laughter in the distance of a child and their friends. The ball of yarn rolling ever rolling a spinning wheel will turn. The soft, soft wind of yesterday will pass us on a whim. The friend I had forever has passed and is now in a place of peace.

I Woke to A Dream.

There the sun is shinning, the bird she sings a tune. I walk alone the road of life which now it seems renewed. The heat of warm and loving grace fall from the one above. To me now it is all the love, acquired ore the years. to each lesson taught, an each lesson learned. We are but, who we are.

I Woke From A Dream Today.......... I am so alive because of you........

Cameo you are and will be missed, DAD……….

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