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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Ruth's Beloved Girl

October 1994 to September 20th 2007

A brave survivor of bone cancer and MCT


Today my darling Bracken we had to say goodbye for now, during the night you had a stroke that paralysed you, there was nothing I could do to help you, if there was it would have been done, so at 2.15pm on Thursday 20th September, I held you tight loving you as always as you took your last breath, and in doing so joined elly and ebony. I have no idea what I am going to do without you my babe, when you were diagnosed with bone cancer over 7 years ago, I thought this was it, but we took the chance, went against everyones advice and you had amputation and chemo, which did save your life and allowed me to have you another 7 years, how wonderful that was, during those last 7 years it has been amazing, you are and always will be my miracle girl, you fought and WON the bone cancer battle, the beast never got you, then you fought off Mast Cell Cancer, still the beast never got you you beat that too, the beast then had its final try with you and you got eye cancer, but hey my big brave miracle girl the beast lost that battle too, it never got you. Trouble is Bracken you seemed to be indestructable, everything you shook off like rain on your coat, never in a million years could I see today coming, but it has and it was my time to do the very last thing I could do for you and that was to let you go to elly and ebony, I miss you so much my heart is breaking. I take comfort from the fact that you are in my heart and always will be, that you have ebony and elly for company now, both you loved and loved you, and one day we will see you again. I cannot begin to describe our nearly 15 years together, so much love and laughter and some tears, but I would not swap one of your days, not even the day you were diagnosed with bone cancer devestating though that day was, you just went on to prove how brave and strong you were as always.

Goodnight sweetheart, go play with Ebony and Elly, once again whole, love you so very much Ruth xx

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