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In Loving Memory of


Died December 14th '07 aged 4 yrs

Theresa's beagle/collie mix

dx lymphoma June 2007.

My sweet, sweet Belle - 01/07
The sweetest face ever!!

I will miss my happy girl greeting me when I walk in the door. I will miss the way she 'talked to me' and jumped at me so ahppy to see me. I will miss her dancing with me every time she saw me dance. She would come over to me and stand on her hind legs with her paws on my stomach. I will miss the way she always turned around to face away from you when she jumped up on you for love. She would jump up and as soon as you began to pet her she would turn away from you with her back against your body and her paws across your arm while you pet her. I will miss her eagerness to do tricks. She loved to give a 'high five'. I will miss her running around my house like a crazy dog when she got so excited that she simply couldn't contain herself. I will miss the way she would lay at the front door with her nose at the bottom of it, sniffing under the door if I was out there without her. I will miss seeing her curled up at the foot of my son's beds. I will miss the way she eagerly gave kisses when asked. I will miss seeing her sweet, happy face staring at me through the dining room window....her whole body wagging with excitement....when I pulled into the driveway, then disappearing when I stepped out of my car because she had run to the garage door to greet me. I will miss her face beside mine as she jumps up at the side of my bed to wake me. I will miss the smell of her breath and her fur, the feel of her fur and her kisses. I will miss her sitting at my feet where ever I happen to sit down.

Belle at diagnosis - 6/07

My Beautiful Belle

My crazy Belle - 01/07
This was her favorite way to lay

Belle just a few months ago

So much loved and so very much missed.

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