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In Loving Memory of


Mary's Boy lost to Lymphosarcoma 8/7/02


Mary later lost Snigglefritz, on 12/9/04

"The autopsy showed that Snigglefritz had Mediastinal Lymphoma- two nodes in his chest were grossly enlarged and affecting his trachea and blood flow to and from his heart. His liver was also affected. Ironically, after losing Baxter to this horrid disease, I had made numerous changes to try and prevent this from ever happening again- only safe persticides, cleaning supplies, etc., super premium natural dog food and treats, filtered water, fresh vegetables twice a day, supplements, etc. In addition, I had a complete blood chemistry run every six months and annual full body X rays. Although none of this worked to prevent the disease or even acheive early detection, the ability to compare the X rays demonstrated that there was something serioiusly wrong- there was a curve in his trachea that had not been there in prior X rays and it grew significantly overnight when we did the second set of X rays the following day. It seems that there was just no way to detect this sooner and that is so difficult to accept. "

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