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In Loving Memory of


Died May 28th, 2006 aged 8 yrs

Tom's Brave Warrior diagnosed with Lymphoma December 26th 2003 & Fought the Good Fight!

B.J. July 3rd '05

"BJ, our male Miniature Schnauzer, was diagnosed with cancer, Lymphoma, 12-26-03 via biopsy. Originally our vet said he had just 1-2 months without treatment and 4-6 months with treatment.

We decided to go to the Specialists, Dr Ray Radd and Dr Jessica Heard, who said 12-18 months. We started BJ on the COPP protocol that day, 12-31-03. BJ went into remissions and stayed in remission for 18 months. His second remission lasted for about 9 months and though we tried and tried we just could not get the third remission.

BJ was the "poster boy" for chemo, minimal side effects and he maintained a high quality of life the whole time. In fact he was out chasing squirrels the day before he died!

Sadly, most dogs do not make it to the one year mark once diagnosed with Lymphoma. BJ was just short of 2 1/2 yrs since dx. That is a great testament to our team of Vets (Dr Mann and Dr Rudd), vet techs (Tracy and Lina), our support groups, his homemade diet, his family's help and support but, most of all, the fight in my boy!

BJ died in the car next to me, while heading for his favourite place to go, his vet's office. He raised his head, looked up at me and then stretched out and took a nap! Even in death BJ took care of his Dad as I was dreading having to make the "final decision"

BJ was a laid back dog, unusual for a Schnauzer, but never backed down from anything or anyone. The list includes dogs, geese, ducks, possums and his favourite pastime, chasing and catching squirrels.

He was and still is giving hope and inspiration to those still in the fight againt Lymphoma.

BJ was a true Cancer Warrior who willingly went to the vets, walking in with his tail wagging and was the perfect patient, even wagging his tail during treatments."

Bj and Buktus
Da Boyz!
Butkus and B.J.

B.J. and the Hooter Girls

Rob and B.J.

"This was right after BJ was diagnosed with cancer, Rob was heading back to Richmond, Va after a short visit.
Told him to fight the cancer and Win"

"We Believe He Did"!!!

RIP B.J. Your fight was tremendous and has inspired so many of us!

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