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In Loving Memory of


August 17th 2001 to December 11th 2007

Stephanie's 6 1/2 yr old St Bernard

dx Bone Cancer Oct. '07


Argo was diagnosed with bone cancer on Oct 12, 2007. After starting to limp a little exactly two weeks ago today he got worse and worse day by day. Sadly, on Tuesday Dec 11, 2007 we had to make the decision to stop his pain. It was very peaceful and in the room he loved. I have to say Argo was the sweetest 250lb puppy you will ever find. Up til the last day he was giving me hugs and pushing his big, sweet, furry head up against mine for love. He was brave and never wanted to disappoint me or his daddy. Even though he had two bad back legs and his front left was in so much pain he could hardly walk he still got up to go to the bathroom. He loved Biscuits and Bones filled with peanut butter. He loved the snow and drinking ice cold rain or hose water. He was our first baby and we loved him dearly. I know he will always be on our shoulder to protect us and forever in our hearts. We miss him dearly.

Argo & Mommy

Argo taking it easy

X-mas time

Argo at 6 1/2

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