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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Died January 8th 2009

Rebecca's beloved boy

Dx Lymphoma December '08

Last night we said goodbye to our good friend and love, Max. He was not able to sleep or breath well, had not slept the night before...we had stayed up with him most of the night. I could tell he was tired, in pain and wanted to be at peace. We had a funeral with candles to honor Max- The warm candle light reminded me of the light and joy Max brought where ever he went. He was a wonderful friend and companion, very smart...he always wagged his tail when we talked about him, even when he was sleeping. Max brightened my life. He made the worst of times (when my son was so ill) seem like there was some hope. He was always happy to see us. I thank God for allowing us to have Max in our lives these few short years. I pray that Max, the bright and shining light in our lives, will be home, will be at peace, and will bring heaven some joy. Max- you will be missed. Rebecca, mom to Max

Max - Christmas 2008

Max and Trilly
Rescue Dogs from the same litter

Max (black dog) and Trilly- pups
first days with us

Happy Pooches -
aalways together

Wild Kingdom -
lothey loved to play fight

Wild Kingdom -
dogs at play

Max and Trilly together

Max and Trilly
with Mom and Dad

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