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Pets with Cancer {Endlesslove} Gallery


Mistylain's Celtic Wee Lad
2005 GCOC Rally Dog of the Year, Delta Society Pet Partner

Born June 11rh 1998

Phyllis' beloved Sheltie

Diagnosed with TCC bladder cancer November 2009

Nov. 30th 2010 .......My Laddie was diagnosed with TCC bladder cancer before Christmas last year and his prognosis was 3 to 6 months. I had him on piroxicam for a few months, but then he developed an ulcer and couldn't tolerate it. He's been off piroxicam since summer. In the first week of September, he had another ultrasound and they found that one of his ureters was now completely blocked. He was given 3 to 8 weeks to live. For the last couple of months I have struggled to find things he will eat; but I've managed to find a few things here and there and I keep experimenting. On Sunday I thought I might be losing him, he was obviously in pain during the day and on in to the night and I could barely get him to take two bites of any food. I called the internist yesterday and he called me in some novox to use in conjunction with the tramadol he's been receiving. He slept well through the night and woke up a happy boy, wagging tail and all! He continues to pee well, which is a sign that his other ureter is not blocked. If he can make it a few more weeks, than he will be a year into his diagnosis! Not bad for a dog who was given 3 to 6 months to live! And I am grateful for every day!

Phyllis Beasley and Laddie

Here are several YouTube links. One is a tribute I made to Laddie about a month after he was diagnosed and shortly after his retirement from competition. Other videos were made just to document the things I would miss about him.

Tribute to Laddie:

Laddie and the "Monster":

Laddie's Favorite Tricks:

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