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In Loving Memory of


CH. Chyah's Startalker

November 28th 1998 to November 13th 2008

Susan's Beloved Girl

dx-ed mammary cancer '04

2008 National

Yesterday we sent you on to someone who can heal you. the evil working inside your body, was working fast and furious. You will be healed, and no evil can touch you now, your dad and I tried everything, but it was not to be. There are many like you this monster took, including your furmom.

The vet who helped release you is about to give birth to a baby, the circle of life continues, one leaves another is born.

Your tenth birthday is Nov. 28th, we are going to celebrate your life with us, which was a glorious life. I refuse to concentrate on the hate I have for this monster who took you from us too soon, but on your life with us and the sunshine you brought into our lives.

When I look to the stars tonight there will be a new one, shining ever so bright!

Play now, play with your still born sister, who you never got to play with or boss around like you did your brother. Even though you bossed him he laid by your side when the monster had finally taken over.

Run free Little Miss Attitude, there are no fences to stop you now.

With all our love

Your Mom and Dad

Muddy Kima

Christmas Greetings from Kima

Puppy Kima

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