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PetswithCancer {Endlesslove} Angels

In Loving Memory of


March 21st 2002 to May 30th 2009

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by
Megan Wheeler and family

dx-ed lymphoma April '09


As you know, the thought of giving him a shot to make his heart stop has not been a good one and we were hating facing this today. We woke this morning to find Jake right in the middle of our large, cool lawn. He gave us the ultimate gift of not having to make the decision to end his misery but went peacefully on his own exactly where he wanted to be. And not having our 6 year old have to be involved or shuttled to a neighbor. My husband is burying him as a type this. I couldn't bear to see him put into the ground but I helped wrap him in a clean white sheet and placed rosemary for rememberance all around his still beautiful body. Gave him tons of kisses and told him how much we loved him. He was the most amazing dog and stole my heart from the get go. He just turned 7 on 3/21/09. I already keep expecting to see him come into the room I am in. It will be so very lonely without my "baby bear".

Thank you again for your understanding and support - I don't think I could have made it through without all of the wisdom from this group.

He was the best.

Megan and Angel Jake 3/21/02-5/30/09

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