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Pets with Cancer {Endlesslove} Gallery


Leanne's beloved mouse girl

Diagnosed with mammary tumor June 2011

Azurill the day I got her
She is now 8 weeks old.

May 29th 2011 - Today I got a nasty shock when I lifted her out of her cage, she moved in with my other girls three days ago now and they get along great. She was having red brown tears (red discharge from her eye) and today I found a small lump on her mammary gland on her left hand side which is on top of her ovary area.

With her two little friends,
this was taken on their first meeting last week a few days before her lump popped up

Jun 3rd 2011 -My little mouse had her surgery this morning after a trip to the vets. They tried to drain it and nothing came out so they said it was my choice to put her into surgery to remove the lump, anesthetics don't go well with mice but I signed consent for her and she went in, in just over an hour I went back to pick her up and surprised surprise she was awake, shuffling around and peering out all nosey when they opened her travel box.

The lump was in fact a mammary tumor but a capsulated one meaning it was contained as a round ball and had not spread anywhere. Being a tumor it was a type of cancer but it had not spread anywhere else and there was no signs of her being ill. They said if no more pop up within the next month then she's in the clear.

Hopefully it will be a one off seeing as she is only 8 weeks old and it was contained and had not spread. The vet said it could be a number of causes such as hormones or her cycle etc possibly even stress or something. But her surgery went well.

We got home and I made her up a little recovery box so she doesn't go in with the others so a few days until she's fit enough and feels better. She seems a bit tired and has been sleeping since we got in but came out a few times for food and water, she seems bright and happy so fingers crossed it will be nothing serious :) the vet/surgeon lady said it was nothing to worry about too much atm.

Before her lump appeared.
Thankfully she seems ok now.

Running on wheel on her way to full recovery :)

Update June 26th - Today is not only blazing sunshine its a day of celebration as Azurill the mouse has beaten and been cleared of cancer. At just 8 weeks old I found a lump on her left side and it was removed through risky surgery. She has healed up fine, is back in with her friends and enjoying life. Well done Azurill!! It was a contained mammary tumor (basically breast cancer) and it had not spread thankfully it has turned out to be benign. Very few mice survive surgery let alone cancer, Zu Zu you are one in a million :') I'm so proud of her she's getting a well deserved stroke on the head!

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