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Pets with Cancer {Endless Love} Angels

In Loving Memory of


August 20th 2002 to May 15th 2009

Patricia's beloved westie girl

Diagnosed with lymphoma August 2008


A Letter to my Angel,

My baby Vicky, it has been almost 2 days since I lost you. I have a big void in my heart, I miss you so much. Your body couldn't take it anymore, and now you are pain free and playing in westie heaven. I don't have words to describe how much I miss you, you were so special, and you made me smile every day. I miss your funny howling and your kisses. I miss you when you used to snuggle between my legs to watch television with me or when I was studying and you would lie below the covers around my feet, I miss you during the night when you pushed me out of bed, I miss you running around the yard and smelling the air and bossing your kids. I miss you when I come from work and you would be there waiting to greet me. I miss you in so many other ways.You were such a sweet soul, and loved everyone people and animals alike, so I believe God might have had other plans for you and you had to leave this world, to fulfill his wishes.

I will take care of your babies, and I will remember you until we are together again.

Rest in peace my baby, mom loves you so much
(Mamae te ama muito)

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