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PetswithCancer {Endlesslove} Angels

In Loving Memory of


Died April 9th 2009

Karen's beloved boy

dx-ed osteosarcoma April 2008

April 28th 2009 - It had taken nearly 3 weeks for me to post that Timer has left this earthly plane. He was full of Love & Miracles.

The legacy of his wondrous survival has been documented in order to share with many like-minded vets so many more dogs will have the chance to survive. I want to thank all of the extraordinary people I have encountered on this site who have taken a moment to write words of comfort and encouragement over the last are truly angels on this earth. We have a common bond that no one outside this experience can understand. I miss my boy with every breath I take, but I am grateful for the experience of his tremendous love...I wish you all the best.

Karen & Timer with muddy wings

April 15th 2008 - Timer, my 11 yr.young terrier mix rescue lies sleeping beside me here on the floor. He is a controlled diabetic for over 4 yrs., had TPLO surgery 2 yrs. ago, his eyes are foggy with cataracts, he had a pin removed from his right hind leg 10 yrs. ago from some mysterious injury prior to his rescue, and two months ago had a "stroke" due to vestibular syndrome, which he rallied from within 2 weeks. And today his x-rays revealed what might be osteocarnoma in his hind leg. The treatment options are narrow due to his already compromised system.I don't know if he has days, weeks, or years. But if anyone can survive this, he can.

I have structured my life around his company & care. I work out of my home & live with only him. In this state-of-mind called midlife I find that I am totally emotionally invested in this amazing creature. I say this as an admission, not as anything self-righteous. I say this as I am now faced with a heart-wrenching decision and I realize I am terrified of my life without him. I am terrified that I won't know when "it's time", and that I will hold on too long or let go too soon.

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