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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Died March 25th 2008 aged 9 1/2 yrs

Julie and Michael's beautiful Irish Terrier

dx brain tumour
January 25th 2008


by Michael Edelstein

Seated on her settee throne
Cadging for another bone
Canyon sentry on the hill
Mistress of the rabbit kill

"Beautiful," say one and all
A terrier, rather tall
Brick head, rectangular form
Far outshines A.K.C. norm

Jéting, twirling, ballerina
Twinkle-toed, steal a scener
Bogart, upstage other girls
Dancing ever tighter swirls

Silky, jaunty bouncy ears

Little butted, run for years
Ever ready to break way
Always back with much to say
Honey coated dominatrix
Control alpha in a fix

Lifts a leg, let's go her spray
Scent gland soft grass, her bidet
Selfish, hungry, watch my bowl
Snatch your dinner is her goal
Ever eager, ready for
Any bite that she can score

Beggar, pal, insouciant
Bossy saucy commandant
Vocal, verbal, tongue-a-mile
Always bringing forth a smile

A life long friend, bodyguard
Keeper of the world's side yard
Beware when Miss Tara's home
Passing through a "no fly zone"

Scarred from battle, never scared
Interlopers be prepared
Never easy, our booty
Tara dog's standing duty.

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