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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


September 7th 1999 to January 1st 2009

Diana's beloved Goldie Girl

"Savannah has made me proud her whole life. She has been my inspiration the past 8 months and 1 week since her surgery. She has been strong and brave and she fought so hard. My heart is very heavy."

Diagnosed OSA 4-23-08, Amp left front leg 4-24

Diet - Solid Gold Barking at the Moon and Evo, Thyrozine, Metacam, B-complex, CoQ10, 3000 mgs. Wild Salmon Oil, Milk Thistle, Pet Tabs, Transfer Factor, Artemisinin, Chinese Mushrooms, Chemo - 1st Round Adriamycin, 2nd Round Carboplatin, 3rd Round Adriamycin, 4th Round Carboplatin, 5th Round Adriamycin, 6th Round Carboplatin (Finished all planned Chemo 8/22/08)

Savannah's Article - Dog Fancy Magazine Dec. '08
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Savannah on Vacation, early October '08
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October 10th '08 - Great news today. Savannah and I just got back from the oncologist and her lung xrays are clear. The oncologist is so happy with how well she is doing. It's been a little over 6 months since Savannah's first limp and exactly six months since the xray that indicated bone cancer. Coming up on her 6 month Ampiversary in less that two weeks so I guess this would be considered her 6 month check up.

September 7th '08 - Diana and Savannah celebrate her 9th bithdday
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September 1st '08 - We had our second Golden Swim Party yesterday and this time it wasn't on the heals of a Chemo treatment for Savannah. What a huge difference this made as she is now feeling oh so wonderful. She decided there was no way she needed to wear a lifejacket. There were lots of people around so thought she could try it. She swam just as good as she always nice and smooth. I had no idea she could do so well being a front amp. She had the most wonderful day. It just warmed my heart to see her being just one of the dogs.:)

August 1st '08 - Savannah had her 5th chemo today...Adriamycin. Everything was great...check up, blood work, all normal range for her. So happy we are nearing the end of her chemo. One last round of Carbo in three weeks and she will be done. She has tolerated it all really well with the exception of some lack of appetite. She has never thrown up or had diarrhea. She seems to love going to have her treatments. She trots right in as happy as can be. She got lots of loving today from a waiting room of people. We talked with a lady sitting next to us who shared that her dog is 2 1/2 years post amp and still doing great. Wow, did that ever make my day.:) Just wanted to share that we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and are very happy that Savannah is doing so well.

Savannah's 1st swim and her recent update when she went to a Pool Party!

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for more pics of the swim party and links to the videos of Savannah running!

Savanna's fight against OSA over the months below!

May 27th '08 - Today we took the dogs on a trail walk. We went to Central Park first and I was amazed at how fast Savannah can run. She doesn't let being a tripod slow her down. After some fun at the park, she got in the stroller and we headed down the trail. A rabbit decided to run across the path and she bolted out of the stroller and she had Dreamer just about pulled Wayne down the road. She can run just as fast as she always has. We had so much fun watching her enjoying life today. It's only been a month since surgery and her recovery has been amazing.

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Savannah running at Central Park

Being a tripod doesn't slow her down

Did I see a rabbit?

Here I come

Even Dreamer is happy to see Savannah running

Wayne and the dogs checking out the park

Tme for some sniffing

The rabbit crossed the road and the dogs are pulling Wayne down the path

That rabbit is down here somewhere

Back in the stroller until the next rabbit comes

I like riding too...see my happy face

We had a good walk today

Heading back to the car. We had a great time

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