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Endlesslove Gallery


Melissa's 12 yr old Beagle Girl

dx-ed MCT January 2007

Update Sept. 7th '08 - After being given 3-6 mos to live on drug therapy alone, she still continues to do exceptionally well. She's just slowing down a little due to older age.

Rose 2003
My favorite picture

Jan 2007 after biopsy
Just diagnosed - love the pink sock!

Jan 2007
Not too fond of the e-collar

Christmas 2005
Rose and sister Hampton

Head to Head
Their favorite hobby

Sadly, Sept. 7th '08 - My 9yr old yellow lab, Hampton, recently had a growth removed from her foot. The vet called last Wednesday and said the lab results showed it was Myxosarcoma.

Sept. 13th '08T - Thanks to all of you for your kind words about Rose and for Hampton's recent diagnosis of Myxosarcoma. We have a great visit with the oncologist on Thursday. I would have posted sooner, but I wanted to hear the test results first. Hampton's Xrays of chest and abdomen were clear, bloodwork and urinalysis were spotless, and lymph node is clear. The dr. said it's a very low grade sarcoma on her foot. A surgeon met with Hampton and feels he can get clear margins by amputating her toe. I'll call them on Monday to get the surgery scheduled. Of course, there are no guarantees this will cure it, but it's the first step. I am very optimistic and feel so much better about everything.

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