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Pets with Cancer {Endlesslove Angels}

In Loving Memory of


Died June 26th 2008

Debbie's 7 yr old cocker/boxer mix

Diagnosed Lymphosarcoma October '07

Nova - Profile Who could resist this face?

My Nova died in my arms this evening at 5:25. He went to work with me, and was sick all day. When we got ready to leave work, his rear legs wouldn't support him. I carried him to the SUV and drove home. My husband carried him into the house, and I laid with him on the floor, holding him until he passed away. I am so sad, I will miss him so much, but I am so grateful I got to hold him as he left this world. I wanted that to be the way he died, and God granted me that. I know his pain and sickness are over now, and he is running and playing, waiting until the day we're together again.

Thanks everyone for helping me through this.

Debbie & Nova

Nova was diagnosed with Lymphoma in early October of 2007, and he was on Chemo until 4/14/08, when the Oncologist said there was nothing more they could do for him. They told me I would only have him another 2-4 weeks.

I had learned of red fungus for the treatment of cancer from my holistic vet, but she doesn't sell it, so I ordered some for Nova on 5/1/08. By 5/3/08 Nova's lymph nodes under his jaw were the size of two golf balls on each side of his neck, and that evening I found new swelling in his chest, and I just burst out crying. I felt I was losing him fast.

The red fungus came in on 5/6/08, and I gave him 6 capsules that day. By the next morning the lymph nodes were half the size they had been! I couldn't believe it!

On 5/8/08, Nova stopped eating, and we had a very bad period when I thought for sure he was dying, and even had Mom come visit him so she could see him once more. I did a lot of crying during that time, and praying. On 5/16/08, Nova's 9th day without food (except the nourishment I squirted into his mouth), I noticed his left leg was swollen, and took him to the vet. They thought something had possibly stung him, and treated him for that. They also gave him something to help with his appetite, and by that afternoon he began eating! Each day his appetite got a little better, and today you wouldn't even know there was anything wrong with him except for his strength isn't all the way back up. The lymph nodes fluctuate between cherry tomato size and grape size, but that is such an improvement over what they were that I'm totally thankful and feel blessed beyond words. Nova is running and playing with his toys, and I get more pleasure out of seeing him happy that I'm just floating on air!

I believe Nova isn't in remission yet, because to my understanding he isn't in remission until the lymph nodes are completely down, but I have such hope, given what I've seen so far from this red fungus.

The bottom line is that Nova is doing well because of all the prayers, and by God's good grace. All the things that have helped in that come from God, and it's to him I give all the credit. He has let me learn all that I've learned, and led me to find all the things I have that have helped so far.

Nova loves his toys!

{short description of image}

Nova - Christmas 2007
He looooooves balls!

Also very good at opening presents :)

Sleeping is always good too!:-)

Angel Nova
(Picture given to me by my friends Gail and Tracy)

Nova's Box

Gold "N" Point
Keepsake or Memorial Boxes

(NB From the Web Mistress, Jean, you can check out the red fungus product here:

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