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In Loving Memory of


Brigitte's 13-1/2 year-old terrier-schnauzer mix

April 1994 to December 10th '07

dx lymphoma
September 12th 2007

Madison, Fall 2007

My girl's lymphoma was discovered incidentally to her getting a rabies shot and general exam. I did not feel that chemotherapy was automatically, unquestioningly indicated. After many, many phone calls, emails, and conversations with friends, I decided against chemotherapy and to maintain her on oral prednisone only, supported by Tramadol, Flagyl and Pepcid.

We were off to a rocky start. Within the first 3 weeks, she lost 5 lbs and a substantial portion of the muscle mass in her rear legs causing her severe difficulties walking. Despite nausea medication, she ate nearly nothing for 2 weeks. I'd be frantic and rush her to the vet, for fluids, steroid and Vitamin B Complex shots. She didn't recover until she was taken off the prednisone and cytoxan. With a lot of encouragement from this supportive group, I had her examined by a holistic vet who prescribed some supplements and the proper diet for Madison to follow. Unfortunately, I never could switch her to the cancer diet since she refused anything pure or of high quality and was very finicky in her eating generally. She even started refusing her glucosamine/chondriotin chewies which she used to love.

We had a close call 3 weeks ago when I took her to an oncologist for a second opinion and while there, pointed out some welts and scabs on her neck. I very nearly forgot to mention them, they looked so harmless. Phew, I am so glad I did! It turned out to be a deep infection with necrosis, for which she had to have emergency surgery. The sutures have been removed and she healed extremely well. My sweet, mild girl continues to surprise me.

Life expectancies quoted were 4 or 8 or 12 weeks, and here she is, into week 12, and still doing fine!

Sunshine in the Park

On alert

In tulip petals listening

What are these park noises?

In yard in spring - still well

Ready for take-off

My usual look

I'm back

I can move my ears in weird ways!

I'm soooo sleepy

Nice, soft sofa

You called?

Where's my cookie?

I'm not feeling good

I caught my piggy

Piggies make good pillows

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