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PetswithCancer {Endlesslove} Angels

In Loving Memory of


Lin Cars Kenai Samson

May 22nd 2004 to November 17th 2010

So much loved and now so sadly missed by Jackie, Paul and Lindsey and Koda Lyme

My sweet "little guy", goober dog, with many names growing up, Kenai, was diagnosed with Malignant Histo on October 22, 2010. Never did I ever expect to be given this news and with such a grim outcome. He was only 6 years old. I kept saying, just 6 short years.

Kenai has had a wonderful quality of life since he was first diagnosed with this Cancer in October, we brought him home that day as there was little the vets could do. He enjoyed his daily walks and pranced as he always did with his head and tail held high just waiting to see someone out in their yard so that he could pull us over to greet them and get his pets, kisses and loving. Every day, someone would ask why he is so much smaller than Koda and I had to say the word terminal cancer. Just 2 days ago, he went up to this woman whom I did not know and never saw before and she just bent over and petted him, kissed him on his head and said he was such a soft pretty boy. He was in his glory and you should of seen his face. So so happy.

That was his last walk.

He unfortunately, did not walk yesterday or today. And he loved his walks more than anything else . My daughter is home sick today and he just laid his head in her arm for hours today It was the sweetest thing and I am glad that she was home sick today to have this precious time with him. He never complained, not once, until today.

He went peacefully this afternoon at the vets in my husband's arms, all curled up and happy to be in his arms. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do and hated to have to make that decision, but I know it was the right one, letting go though, it is killing me!

Everywhere I look in my house, I expect to see him, especially in his bed, that room is so empty now. One of the sweetest moments that my daughter is talking about is when Kenai was about 10 weeks old, my daughter was in her kiddie pool and Kenai crawled in and sat down in the pool to be with her. He proceeded to follow her when she got out, and laid on her chest and kissed her ears. My daughter loves that memory and pictures that we have of that. I have one video of him last year in the biggest snow storm we had last year and he was snowplowing through the snow and almost was completely buried in it. He was so funny and just loved the snow

We were not able to take any pictures of him lately as he hated the camera and it stressed him out too much. So I did not take any of him in the last few weeks.

I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart, Sherry for introducing me to a wonderful couple, Linda and Lyman, they entrusted me after 2 long years of wanting and searching for a Berner, with one of 2 berners to come and be part of my family to love unconditionally. Being owned by 2 berners has been a wonderful, memorable ride for which I will always be thankful for. Also, to Joye Neff and Jean Cheesman for talking with me and the support during this very difficult time, this meant a lot to me and more than you know.

Rest in Peace my Little Guy!

We will miss you terribly! The house will not be the same without you here!

Jackie, Paul and Lindsey and Koda Lyme, CT

Sweet memories of Kenai and Lindsey

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