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Pets with Cancer {Endless Love} Angels

In Loving Memory of


June 12th 1998 to April 27th 2009

Lynne's beloved Coon Cat

Oral fibrosarcoma


My Beloved Boy

Jupiter was a classic brown tabby Maine Coon cat. He was an absolutely gorgeous cat and won the title of Champion as a kitten. He was not afraid to flaunt his looks. At parties, he would make a grand entrance down the stairs to the delight of the guests who had never seen such a large cat. Jupiter did not have a mean bone in his big, cuddly body. He gave kisses and hugs and would touch your face with his paw as a sign of affection. He also would reach over when sitting next to you and hold your fingers in his paw. Always a gentleman, he would politely ask to be let out for his morning walk routine, always stayed in the yard (well, I did catch him once where he should not have been!), and would chirp "thank-you" when he was let him back in. He was so fastidious that he required two litter boxes, one for each "function"! Even when he was terribly ill, he maintained his dignity. Jupiter was a very special cat and we miss him terribly.

The big cuddle cat.

The Coon cat water fetish in action.

View from the fridge

Jupiter with little brother Yule and the requisite Coon cat "water park."

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