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Wendy's handsome boy aged 10 yrs

"We adopted him from the Humane Society when he was "1 year" old. His adoption and license paperwork have his date of birth as April 1, 1998. They had him listed as a German Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog mix"

Dx. anal gland carcinoma June 2007


Our veterinarian found Fallcore's tumor June 22, 2007. It was unexpected as he was only 9 and seemed in tip-top shape. Perhaps that overall health and happiness is helping him enjoy a long life now. We didn't see the Oncology specialist until the end of July 2007, at which time we found out that the tumor had spread to one of his lymph nodes, but its size was small. She informed us at that time that cancer is a treatable disease and were given the option of radiation and/or chemotherapy. We began chemotherapy at the beginning of August. First was Carboplatin. We did that for two treatments, then an ultrasound to check the affected lymph change. A "fine needle aspiration" and biopsy from that lymph node showed nothing but epithelial cells = carcinoma. The second chemo drug was Doxorubicin, of which we also did two rounds. The ultrasound after that treatment showed no change. I was disappointed that the tumor hadn't gone away, but relieved that it hadn't grown or spread. We were then given the option of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or metronomic therapy (the low dose treatment given regularly at home). We chose to try one more chemotherapy drug. This one was Mitoxantrone. Two more treatments and an ultrasound left us with the same stubborn lymph node.

In January 2008, we started the metronomic therapy. He takes one Piroxicam (like an Advil, from my understanding) and one Cyclophosphamide (a chemo drug) every other day. This is an easy treatment for him. He seems to have no side effects from it. His appetite is GREAT, his energy level is SUPER (for a senior, large breed dog), and I'd have to rate his quality of life at 99%. His most recent ultrasound, on June 11, showed that the lymph node is still just hangin' out -- not growing...not shrinking...not affecting him as far as anyone can tell.

This weekend will be Fallcore's one year anniversary. We will be celebrating.

Good job Fallcore! We love you!

Jim and Fallcore in the snow

Fallcore and his coffee!

Sadie and Fallcore smooshed in the backseat

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