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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of

Elle Mae

Died September 28th 2008 almost 3 yrs

Kourtney's beloved Golden Girl

Dx. OSA June 5th '08 and rear leg amputation June 11th '08

"Elle was truly my best friend, she knew all my secrets and when I was sad and just needed a good laugh, no matter what, she was the only one that could make me smile"

Elle Mae

Elle Mae was on a low carb, low sugar, no grain diet. I fed her instinct duck/ turkey meal. she also got k-9 immunity which helped her immune system be strong. As for chemo, I couldn't afford that so I am chose to do everything else but chemo. my girl

Elle was happy, and her personality did not change a bit.

Elle Mae {short description of image}
Elle at 1 yrs Still her favourite position!

{short description of image} {short description of image}
Jeff (my boyfriend) & Elle
- he is fixing her collar & she was very interseted
What you got there?

"Oh, please! Not my picture after a bath!"

That's better, me and my Mom at the swing

Kourtney and Elle Christmas 2006

Elle & Kourtney during family pics 5/30/08

RIP Elle Mae sadly lost too very soon.

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