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In Loving Memory of


Died February 2nd aged 8 yrs

Beloved Rottie Girl so sadly missed by Heide and Nathan

fracture repaired on: July 30th '08, diagnosed osteosarcoma: August 4th '08
Pamidronate treatments: 8-9, 8-30, 9-20-08
Every two weeks: Massage & Holistic Health care
Supplements: Hoxsey Formula, Hemp Oil & Broccoli Sprouts


Sept. 29th '08 - Dazy's third pamidronate treatment was two weeks ago. At that time the x-ray showed that the her fracture (right humerus) is starting to heal nicely. And at this time no signs of the cancer. She will have one more treatment of pamidronate on Oct 11th. And another xray again several weeks after that. Her oncologist is very pleased with Dazy's progress, and is using her case in an article that she is writing on alternative cancer treatments. I will see if I can post a copy of it, to you all when it comes out. Dazy's oncologist is two hours away, and the trips there have been amazing. With two hundred pound rotties, and our (my husband & I) 100 pound something buns, in a little sports car, everytime is memorable to say the least. It is a lot easier for Dazy to get in and out of, and she always rides shotgun, which Nemesis takes offense to at times!:-)

Dazy & Neme -
trip to the oncologist

Dazy's Story

When Dazy was a puppy, she was purchased by a family. A man, his wife, and their two children, a boy and a girl. She even had a Rottie brother. Life was good for quite a few years. She loved her family and was totally devoted to them. And in one night, her world was shattered. Her young boy went to a party, some of his friends thought it would be funny to slip some drugs into his drink, and as a result, he died. Her family tried to hold it together, but the grief, guilt and blame was to much, and they divorced. Dazy & her Rottie brother, went to live at a meth house, where they were used for guard dogs, not companions. They were beaten & abused, and had to fight for their food, since there were quite a few other dogs there as well. Eventually the meth house was busted, and that is when Dazy came into our lives. My husband heard of her plight, and brought her home.

The first couple of months were tough. Most of the time she held her head down, and stared at the ground, or she would stare at us with these dead blank eyes. With a lot of love and patience, she slowly came back to life. She became my best friend, protector, and companion, for almost two years. We taught each other how to hold our heads up high, and be proud.

Today, she will cross the rainbow bridge, Jethro & Rosie(my angel furbabys), will be there to greet her, along with all of your angel furbabys. We took a chance on a rescue dog, and it was the most precious decision, we ever made. If you have room in your home & your heart for a rescue dog, please take a chance, I am so grateful I did. She will be forever in my heart!

Dazy in the snow, December '08

Holding still, Nemesis & Dazy

Playing with the girls
My husband, Nathan, with Dazy & Neme

Sleeping with my buddy!
Dazy and her friend Harley

Taking a break!
Dazy & her buddy Nemesis

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