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PetswithCancer {Endlesslove} Angels

In Loving Memory of


November 16th 1997 to December 30th 2010

dx with Malignant Oral Melanoma October 2009

Lil Bridgeman's beloved Lab Boy

pics to come

Coal was my $100 puppy that I got at 12 weeks old back in 1998. He was this huge black puppy and my sister said he looked like a lump of Coal (helped it was Christmas time when I got him) He has been my best friend for 12 yrs.

Nov. 8th 2010 - My lab Coal was diagnosed last October with Malignant Oral Melanoma. Only found it because he was laying on my bed on a white blanket and I noticed a bit of blood. Opened his mouth and found the mass inside his cheek. Took to the vet the next day and within a week we had mass removed and biopsy report back. I was at work when the vet called me and said it didn't look good and most dogs like maybe 7 months with this type of cancer without treatment.

Dec. 30th 2010 - Coal did so very well until the cancer spread to his lungs and brain. He started having seizures 2 weeks ago which became morre while he still has good days and isn't totally down and out we are going to say goodbye...his breathing is really bad and he's not sleeping well..

A brave decision for a very brave boy!

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