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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


December 3rd 1997 to March 2nd 2007

Michele's Siberian Husky

dx-ed gastric carcinoma November 10th 2005

Bonny early Nov. '05

Bonny was given 6-8 weeks without surgery. We opted to have the tumor removed and she lived 16 months, crossing the bridge on 3-2-07. After her endoscopy and surgery, which went very well, she began an antiangiogensis protocol which included Leukeran, doxycycline and piroxicam once daily .She was entirely symptom free for a year [much longer than ever expected!] then small episodes of nausea appeared. Even with those, the prilosec helped her lead a comfortable life. In early February of this year, her appetite seemed reduced, so we boosted it with prednisone and stopped the chemo. She became very lethargic, was vomiting much more and was losing weight. She crossed on 3-2-07.

Bonny sleeping
Diagnosis day

Snow[dog] Day!

Bonny Fall 2006
Bonny was strong at this time

Bonny & Daddy Oct. 2006
Bonny Loves her Daddy!

for Michele's Angel Stormy
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