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PetswithCancer {Endlesslove} Angels

In Loving Memory of


Died September 23rd 2010

dx-ed auto immune disease in December '09 and lymphoma June '10

Brad's unconditional love angel

"Bear, you were my son, I love you more than can be expressed and I hope your waiting in the window to go car/truck riding, someday I'll be there looking for you first, bark when you see me as you always did"

My boy Bear (unconditional love angel) passed today, 4 1/2 months after being diagnosed with lymphoma and was diagnosed with auto immune disease in December, both times living when he shouldn't have, he had an inner strength i never knew about. He had the cutaneous form which was very hard to watch growing and hoping the chemo would kill the tumor cells after each treatment. It was the worst time of my life and one of the best. I have two dogs Bear and Cuddles, lab/beagle mix, brother and sister that I got from an ex girlfriend who was gonna take them to the pound. It was the best thing she ever did for me, I helped pick them out as they are both white and were bonded at the hip in a litter of many colors. They were destined to be together.

My oncologist basically gave me the option of Wis/Madison protocol, which didn't work and elspar and ccnu, which put him in semi remission. Although for the most part of it his quality of life was very good and he never lost any weight but Bear went fast, stopped eating last Wed/Thurs, and he loved to eat. His energy quickly went down and became neurological at the end, no special foods to give him before the end because he wouldn't eat.

We walked about 3/4 a day everyday, and he pulled most of the way, lol, he was like a son to me and I took him everywhere the last 5 months.I loved him as much as anything on earth and miss him so much, life will never be the same for me or Cuds.

For more pics of Bear

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