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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Died August 28th 2008

Kelly's beloved 7 yr old ferret (polecat)

Dx Insulomia June '08

"He's such a little fighter, a little ray of sunshine who always brings a smile to my face. He's been hanging on in there for the last few weeks. His weight loss seemed to stabelise, he put none on but lost no more either. The last 2 days have been hard. Barnaby's so good, takes his meds, even though he don't like the taste. BUT I Think the time is almost here! His weight has once again plummeted, he's eating load but his body is producing too much insulin, a natural steroid. The medication is no longer controlling it, His temperature is through the roof, antibiotics having no effect. He's now got a strange lump in front of his front leg. The vet can't do anymore. The last day or so Barnaby's looking totally emaciated, even though he's constantly eating. He can't seem to quench his thirst. All this but he's still bouncing around, causing mischief. He's still got bright eyes. I can tell he's getting fed up. I've had to make one of the hardest decisions, to have Barnaby's suffering ended. I/m asking the vet to help him fall to sleep, in my arms where he's loved."


Barnaby's chair!

Thirsty work!

Barney's Friend,
Maizie Moo The Monkey !!

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