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H.G. Wells




            Text-book Of Biology/Zoology [2v|n|1892-93]
Honours Physiography (w R A GREGORY) [n|1893]
35,#QWX The Time Machine (aka: The Chronic Argonauts) [f|(1888)/1895]
The Wonderful Visit [f|1895]
* Select Conversations With An Uncle.. [s|1895]
12750 The Stolen Bacillus.. [s|1895]
The Red Room [s|1896]
1264 The Wheels Of Chance [f|(1896)/1896]
159,Q The Island Of Doctor Moreau [f|1896]
5230,QWXThe Invisible Man [f|(1897)/1897]
Thirty Strange Stories [s|1897]
The Plattner Story.. [s|1897]
36,QWX The War Of The Worlds [f|(1897)/1898]
17508 Certain Personal Matters [a|1898]
775,Q When The Sleeper Wakes [f|(1898-99)/1899]
11640 Love And Mr Lewisham [f|1899]
A Cure For Love [s|1899]
Tales Of Space And Time [s|1899]
The Vacant Country [d|1899]
1013 The First Men In The Moon [f|(1900-01)/1901]
19229 Anticipations [f|1901]
* The Sea Lady [f|(1901)/1902]
Anticipations Of The Reaction Of Mechanical And Scientific.. [n|1902]
1743 Twelve Stories And A Dream [s|1903]
7058 Mankind In The Making [n|(1902-03)/1903]
11696 The Food Of The Gods, And How It Came To Earth [f|(1903-04)/1904]
6424,G A Modern Utopia [f|(1904-05)/1905]
Kipps [f|(1905)/1905]
3797,Q In The Days Of The Comet [f|(1905-06)/1906]
The Future In America [n|(1906)/1906]
780 The War In The Air [f|1908]
718 Tono-Bungay [f|1908]
4225 First And Last Things [n|1908]
524 Ann Veronica [f|1909]
7308 The History Of Mr Polly [f|1910]
12163 The Sleeper Awakes [f|1910]
1047,H The New Machiavelli [(1910)/1910]
3690 Floor Games [n|(1911)/1911]
11870,Q The Country Of The Blind.. [s|1911]
456 The Door In The Wall.. [s|1911]
Marriage [f|1912]
Great Thoughts From H G Wells (ed Rosamund MARRIOTT) [n|1912]
(Socialism And) The Great State (jt ed) [n|(1911)/1912]
* The Passionate Friends [f|(1913)/1913]
3691 Little Wars [n|(1912-13)/1913]
Thoughts From H G Wells (ed Elsie E MORTON) [n|1912]
The Star [s|1913]
New Worlds For Old [n|1913]
11502 An Englishman Looks At The World (US: Social Forces..) [e|1914]
The War That Will End War [n|1914]
1059 The World Set Free [f|(1913-14)/1914]
The Wife Of Sir Isaac Harman [f|1914]
Bealby [f|(1914-15)/1915]
Boon, The Mind Of The Race.. (ps: Reginald BLISS) [f|1915]
The War And Socialism [n|1915]
1138 The Research Magnificent [f|1915]
14060,H Mr Britling Sees It Through [f|(1916)/1916]
11289 What Is Coming? [n|1916]
1269 The Soul Of A Bishop [f|(1917)/1917]
1047 God The Invisible King [n|1917]
Introduction To Nocturne [n|1917]
1804 War And The Future (aka: Italy, France, And Britain At War) [n|1917]
10291 In The Fourth Year [n|1918]
Joan And Peter [f|1919]
The Idea Of A League Of Nations (w others) [n|1919]
The Way To The League Of Nations (w others) [n|1919]
The Undying Fire [f|(1919)/1919]
Frank Swinnerton (w Arnold BENNETT & Grant OVERTON) [n|1920]
% The Outline Of History [2v|n|1920]
# Russia In The Shadows [n|(1920)/1920]
The Salvaging Of Civilization [n|1921]
1734 The Secret Places Of The Heart [f|(1921-22)/1922]
A Short History Of The World [n|1922]
Washington And The Hope/Riddle Of Peace [n|(1921)/1922]
Tales Of The Unexpected [s|1922]
# Men Like Gods [f|(1922-23)/1923]
Tales Of Life And Adventure [s|1923]
Tales Of Wonder [s|1923]
The Dream [f|(1923-1924)/1924]
The Story Of A Great Schoolmaster [b|(1923)/1924]
A Year Of Prophesying [e|(1924)/1925]
A Short History Of Mankind [n|1925]
Christina Alberta's Father [f|1925]
The Empire Of The Ants.. [s|1925]
Mr Belloc Objects To 'The Outline Of History' [n|1926]
The World Of William Clissold [f|1926]
Wells' Social Anticipations (ed Harry W LAIDLER) [e|1927]
Meanwhile [f|1927]
# The Short Stories Of H G Wells [s|1927]
The Book Of Catherine Wells (ed) [n|1928]
The Way The World Is Going [n|1928]
The Open Conspiracy [1] [n|1928]
Mr Bletsworthy On Rampole Island [f|1928]
The Treasure In The Forest [1929]
The King Who Was A King [f|1929]
The Science Of Life [n|1929-1930]
# The Adventures Of Tommy [s|1929]
# The Autocracy Of Mr Parham [f|1930]
Divorce As I See It (w others) [n|1930]
Points Of View (w others) [e|1930]
The Valley Of Spiders [s|1930]
The Science Of Life (w Julian S HUXLEY & G P WELLS) [n|1930]
The Stolen Body.. [s|1931]
The New Russia (w others) [e|1931]
Selections From The Early Prose Works Of H G Wells [e|1931]
The Work, Wealth And Happiness Of Mankind (US: The Outline..) [n|1931]
# What Are We To Do With Our Lives? [rev of 1] [n|1931]
The Bulpington Of Blup [f|1932]
After Democracy [e|1932]
# The Shape Of Things To Come [f|1933]
An Experiment In Autobiography [a|1934]
The Science Of Life (w others) [n|1934]
Seven Famous Novels [s|1934]
The New America [n|1935]
Q The Man Who Could Work Miracles [f|1936]
The Anatomy Of Frustration [n|1936]
# The Croquet Player [f|1936]
The Camford Visitation [f|1937]
The Star-Begotten [f|1937]
Brynhild [f|1937]
Apropos Of Dolores [f|1938]
World Brain [e|1938]
The Brothers [f|1938]
The Favorite/Famous Short Stories Of H G Wells [s|1937]
# The Holy Terror [f|1939]
# The New World Order [n|1939]
The Fate Of Homo Sapiens (US: The Fate Of Man) [n|1939]
Travels Of A Republican Radical In Search Of Hot Water [n|1939]
The Common Sense Of War And Peace [n|1940]
H G Wells,..The New World Order (w ?) [n|1940]
Babes In The Darkling Wood [f|1940]
All Aboard For Ararat [f|1940]
Short Stories By H G Wells (ed A J J RATCLIFF) [s|1940]
You Can't Be Too Careful [f|1941]
Guide To The New World [n|1941]
The Pocket History Of The World [n|1941]
Modern Russian And English Revolutionaries (w Lev USPENSKY) [n|1942]
The Conquest Of Time [n|1942]
The Outlook For Homo Sapiens [n|1942]
Phoenix [n|1942]
Crux Ansata [n|1943]
# The Land Ironclads [s|1943]
The New Accelerator [s|1943]
The Empire Of The Ants [s|1943]
The Inexperienced Ghost [s|1943]
Q The Truth About Pyecraft.. [s|1943]
'42 To '44 [n|1944]
Reshaping Man's Heritage (w J B S HALDANE & J S HUXLEY) [n|1944]
The Happy Turning [n|1945]
Marxism Vs Liberalism (w J V STALIN) [n|1945]
Mind At The End Of Its Tether [n|(1945)/1945]
Twenty-Eight Science Fiction Stories [s|1952]
Seven Stories [s|1953]
Tales Of Life And Adventure [s|1953]
Tales Of The Unexpected [s|1954]
Tales Of Wonder [s|1954]
Henry James And H G Wells (ed L EDEL & Gordon N RAY) [a|1958]
Arnold Bennett And H G Wells (ed Harris WILSON) [a|1960]
George Gissing And H G Wells (ed Royal A GETTMAN) [a|1961]


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