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Ridgwell Cullum


   Ridgwell Cullum was a British adventurer who left England at age seventeen to go gold-prospecting in the Transvaal.  He then removed to the Cape of Good Hope, where he joined up with a league of freebooters fighting against the Boers.  Unable to keep still, he crossed the seas and settled in the Yukon region of Canada.  During his stay in that area, he narrowly escaped starving to death.  He next crossed the Canadian border, and became a successful cattle-rancher in Montana.  It is said that during this period he took part in Sioux uprisings on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations.  In 1903, Cullum published his first novel, The Devil's Keg.  After its immediate success, Cullum decided to become a full-time writer.  Dozens of novels followed throughout a career of nearly forty years.  His principal early works include, Hound from the North (1904), The Night Riders (1906), and The Compact (1909).  In 1931, these, along with The Purchase Price (1917), were published in an omnibus edition of his works.  Despite Zane Grey's success in England, Cullum continued to hold his own in sales and popularity.  His characters are larger-than-life, his descriptions vivid, and his plot mechanisms fool-proof. 



            14482 The Devil's Keg (US: The Story Of The Foss River Ranch) [f|1903]
The Hound From The North [f|1904]
(In) The Brooding Wild [f|1905]
The Night Riders [f|1906]
The Watchers Of The Plains [f|1908]
The Compact [f|1909]
The Sherriff Of Dyke Hole [f|1909]
The Trail Of The Axe [f|1910]
The One-Way Trail [f|1911]
The Twins Of Suffering Creek [f|1912]
The Golden Woman [f|1913]
The Way Of The Strong [f|1914]
The Law-Breakers [f|1914]
The Son Of His Father [f|1915]
The Men Who Wrought [f|1916]
19064 The Triumph Of John Kars [f|1917]
19371 The Purchase Price (US: The Forfeit) [f|1917]
The Law Of The Gun [f|1918]
The Heart Of Unaga [f|1920]
14756 The Man In The Twilight [f|1922]
The Luck Of The Kid [f|1923]
The Saint Of The Speedway (aka: The Man From Lias River) [f|1924]
The Riddle Of Three-Way Creek [1925]
The Candy Man (US: Child Of The North) [f|1926]
The Wolf Pack [f|1927]
The Mystery Of The Barren Lands [f|1928]
The Tiger Of Cloud River [f|1929]
The Treasure Of Big Waters [f|1930]
The Bull Moose [f|1931]
Sheets In The Wind [f|1932]
The Flaming Wildness [f|1934]
The Vampire Of N'Gobi [f|1935]
One Who Kills [f|1938]



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