(Country ruled by Doctor Doom)


General Information:

Population: 500,000 (This is an approximation since the government of Latveria has not allowed an outside census in over 20 years)

Type of Government: Dictatorship (Doom prefers to call this an "enforced Monarchy")

Languages: German, Hungarian, Latverian (local dialect, derivative of Hungarian), Romany

Ethnic Groups: Mixed European stock, Gypsy

Major Business Centers:

Currency: Latverian Franc

Public Holidays: Doom's Day, Christmas, New Year (Note that Doom's Day is an eclectic holiday, celebrated whenever Doom declares it. The people seem to enjoy these impromptu holidays, but then again, Doom commands it to be so.)

TippingService fees have been worked into all prices. Tipping is frowned upon.

Airports:  The only airport for the country, Doomsport lies on the southern outskirts of Doomstadt.  It maintains two runways and a modern terminal, but flights into and out of Doomsport are quite limited.

What to See: Latveria has some beautiful natural wonders to visit as well as ancient ruined castles that tourists are allowed to visit under strict guard. No cameras are allowed except when the government sets up an all-too-infrequent goodwill tour - guests are shown the city of Doomstadt in full celebration and are allowed limited tours of the surrounding farms and Castle Doom for photo opportunities.

Passport Information:

Entry Requirement:  An up to date passport is required, as well as an invitation from Doctor Doom if one is visiting Doomstadt.   Many governments require that you register with them if you are planning to visit Latveria.  Check with the local authorities before finalizing travel arrangements.

Working Requirements: Royal work permits are required for all foreigners seeking employment in Latveria.  These permits are seldom given and the potential employee is urged to look elsewhere for safe employment.  Those who apply and are accepted are rarely allowed to resign their positions later, although the Master does offer a very generous benefits plan, bonus, 401k, and complimentary life insurance policies!

Vaccinations Required: None.

Health Tips: Drinking water is clean and safe.   Medical facilities in Doomstadt are unsurpassed, however medical availability in outlying areas is unreliable.  Obey all of the posted signs throughout the country, as ignorance of Latveria's travel restrictions is an excuse not programmed to work on Doctor Doom's robot guards.

A. Doomton               G. Doomwood

B. Doom Falls            H. Kline River

C. Draken River          I. Doomsdale

D. Doomsvale             J. Doomstadt

E. Boar's Vale             K. Mount Victorum

F. Citadel of Doom      L. Doomsburg

Capital of Latveria and Home to our Glorious Master, Doctor Victor Von Doom.

This is a detailed map of the center of Doomstadt.


This is a broad less detailed map of the entire city. I have also enlarged the key for your viewing pleasure.


Castle Doom:
Doctor Doom's Crib.

Castle Doom has 110 rooms and was built in the 16th century by a Latverian nobleman, Count Sabbat.


Surrounding Areas:

A. LATVERIA, Castle Doom on a hill above the town of Doomstadt, located just north of the Kline River.

B. SYMKARIA, the location of the city of Aninna, location of the royal palace, home of Silver Sable.

C. TRANSYLVANIA, the location of Castle Rusoff.

D. TRANSIA, Wundagore Mountain, former home of the High Evolutionary.

E. TRANSYLVANIA, Castle Dracula is known to be the mountainous regions northwest of Brasov.


A. Doomsatdt

B. Aniana

C. East Transia

D. Mount Wundagore

E. Castle Russoff

F. Castle Mordo




For info n the history and changes in the Latverian Flag, visit
Doomgate's Latverian Flag Analysis


Latveria has a continental climate, with cold, cloudy, humid winters and warm to hot summers. Average annual temperature is 9.7 C (49.5 F). Temperature extremes are about 38 C (100 F) in the summer and −29 C (−20 F) in the winter. Average temperature in the summer is 27 to 32 C (81 to 90 F), and in the winter it is 0 to −15 C (32 to 5 F). The average yearly rainfall is approximately 600 mm (24 in).


*The winters are very cold. The Master knows first hand of the cold winters in the region. The winters claimed his father as one of their many victims.




Latveria, as any other well-respected nation, has Embassies around the world... and the Internet (shameless plug). Most notably is the one in New York City. Spider-Man and Black Cat recently burglarized it in Spider-Man Unlimited 14 (I guess it's okay to break the law when a hero wants to). The Embassy is also a safe haven for Doom and other members of his nation from the laws governing America. This fact was made all too clear to Superman when he tried to attack Doom after he had reached his embassy (Superman / Spider-Man Treasury). The big boy scout found out it was unlawful and to do so and chicken out (lucky for him).