Universal Studios Island of Adventure has a ride worthy of a king. The King of Latveria that is. Doom, in another quest to rule the world, needs pure fear, and can extract it through his new invention Doctor Doom's Fear Fall. All who ride it will give fear to Doom for the better of the world. The twin towers of Doctor Doom’s Fearfall stand 200 feet (60.96 meters) in height. The initial launch at the beginning of the ride uses more thrust than a 747 airplane engine. I have rode it many times and the thrill is Doom-like. When visiting, use you Master card. Doom does, and you can see why here.



This is a view of the front of the ride. A Doombot measures whether your child is allowed to have his/her fear extracted, and also obscures the wheelchair that may be needed if the experiment fails. There is also a reproduction of the fear extraction seat, so you can get the feel for the ride before you commit.








This is the entrance corridor. Notice the beautiful Latverian Embassy symbol and the drain in the floor so they can hose away the vomit of nervous experiment "volunteers."











The hallways are littered with Doombots, signs, banners, plaques, and tons of buttons and small doors. The only complaint I have is the lack of bright neon purple, teal, and pink pipes... oh wait, never mind.

**You are also shown a video, but my pictures did not come out. During the video, you are shown cartoons about safety and the reasons why Doom is creating his fear extracting tower. You have to see them for yourself. There is one that shows the everyday lives of the citizens of Latveria; it's classic.


The Ride:

You are ushered into the ride (by a person who is so very happy to be at work). As you arrive to your seat, the door closes (see picture at left), Doom comes over the loud speaker and tells his assistant to ignore all safety regulations. You are then shot into the air at the speed of a 747 jet. You are then abruptly stopped and left to fall at the normal speed of gravity (which is actually a relief after the initial shot up). You are then stopped again and shot back into the air with the same force as before (imagine being thrown up and down like a rag doll). You are then lowered down and thanked for your fear. You get your belongings from the shelves located beside your ride and proceed to the bathroom to change your underwear.


View of the Ride:

The towers are huge and give you a terrific view of the park. Here is a very crappy picture of me riding the ride. (Aren't I handsome?) Doom extracted all my fear, yet I still fear Doom. Well, at least I didn't wet myself.



As you exit, you can see the Master in the park. He is usually standing around for photo opportunities, but every once in a while, he parades around on his Doomfloat and sprays sulfuric acid on the patrons of Universal Islands of Adventure. I'm going to miss my nephew.

There is also a weird black market opportunity available. Does your child scream too much? Do you not enjoy the constant pooping and crying? Go to the Dr. Doom Baby Swap. Trade your child for a new one, or if that's not your bag, a George Foreman Grill.  



Pictures not your idea of entertainment?? Do you not like to read?? Well, you can watch a video of Doctor Doom's Fear Fall by following this link (that is if you haven't stopped reading already, you ignorant slob).

Fear Fall Video



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