Armor of Doom

Doctor Doom has had many armor changes over the past forty years. Some armor changes have been minor, but some have been huge. In this section, we look at Doom's armor and the armor of Doom related individuals.




When Doctor Doom made his first appearance in Fantastic Four #5, Doom had less elaborate armor than most of us are accustom to seeing Doom with. Doom sported a nice jet pack, but the armor was not suitable for Doom, and this first costume was put to rest. The armor was created by monks in Tibet, but Doom designed the armor and the monks went by Doom's designs. Doom has made many modifications to his original armor.




In Fantastic Four #6, Doom returns with Namor. Doom now sports a cape and his armor is much more detailed. Doom is now taking on more of the details we have grown to love. Plus, it beats the crap out of running around in a Speedo.



In Avengers 25 Doom returns with only slight modification, but his armor is spectacular. Doom gives the image of fear to all who look upon his armor (as can be seen by Captain America, whom I think wet himself).
In Fantastic Four 85, Doctor Doom changes from his normal armor to this pimp'n get-up. Doom is to have his royal portrait painted, and he obviously wants to look his best. I believe we can all agree that he does. Doom is also known for his charity and contribution to the arts. He later donated his wardrobe to be used for children's programming on PBS



During the Secret Wars, Doom takes the Beyonder’s powers and becomes this God-like figure. At this time, Doom held more power than Doom had ever possessed before. Not to mention Doom was pretty big, but Doom could change from large to small at will... heh.







Ahh, Doctor Doom in all his silver glory. Doom puts on this classy armor in Fantastic Four #350, so when Kristoff and a crazy Doombot see Doom they will run far far away. Doom wants to reclaim the throne of Latveria, and by freaking out Kristoff and confusing readers, he soon accomplishes it.



Doctor Doom is not just a master of the mystic arts, but a master of disguise. Doom puts on a robe and a chrome like mask to fool Sharon Ventura in Fantastic Four #350. Doom also is seen running around this issue screaming, "We're doomed!" and "Oh, switch off."  Two new armors in one issue this truly is the World's Greatest Comics Magazine.



This is a Doombot, but it must be said that all things concerning Doombots link straight back to the original Doom, so Doombot appearances are granted permission on this site (all the credit for their actions are given to Doom; unless their actions are unworthy). This is just great. In Avengers #332, Doom dresses up like Iron Man to get in the Avengers mansion, the intruder alert goes off on him, he plays it cool, and no one is the wiser (idiots). The Avengers may be strong, but they are a couple booties short of a rap video.




Doom is back to his new armor in Fantastic Four #375, but not the whole issue. Doom constructs this glorious new armor, which Doom pimps so nicely. Doom will not be bored with one armor. If Doom cannot make a grand entrance, nobody can. Doom is glowing for God's sake. Can you glow?? Doom was rockin' bling when bling wasn't even slang yet. I can think of only one thing more decadent than covering your whole body in shiny metal.



You can dress yourself in metal; you can dress yourself in lace, but there is only one true armor that you can depend on: Birthday Armor. Doom finds himself naked on Counter-Earth (after Reed and Himself were switched by the Dreaming Celestial... long story; curse you Claremont). Doom is in no means ashamed of his royal nakedness, but Doom also cares for others and Doom does not want to make them feel less endowed... plus, Doom keeps tripping (if you know what I'm saying... and I think you do). So what do you do when you find yourself naked on a almost deserted, savage planet? Go to American Eagle? No! You slay the first lion you come to and make yourself a tribal suit.


As wicked as Doom looks in his loin cloth and tooth necklace, he is a man of fashion. And the fashion on this planet calls for do-rags. I know what you're saying, "Curt, where is Doom going to get a do-rag?" Where else, a passing biker/slave driver. If there is one thing I know, it's that a biker always has a do-rag on them. If they are not wearing it, it is still there. Doom is brilliant; he knows this too. I like to call this the Mad Max inspired look. To tell the truth, this whole story reeks of Mad Max. It just needs a Tina Turner song playing in the background and a crazy, inbred, monkey kid (with a music box) killing people with boomerangs. Let's hope this is not a trend in putting Doom in Mel Gibson movies. I don't think I could handle Doom in The Man Without a Face or even Passion of The Doom. I'm getting to old for this S#!%. (Get it?? Murtaugh says that in Lethal Weapon all the time. Lethal Weapon is a Mel Gibson Movie. Get it?? God, I need to get out more.)







Speaking of armor ripped right from the pages of movies (pages of movies?).
You ever seen a grown man naked? Have you ever been to a Turkish prison? Do you like gladiator movies? Yes to all three? Great. Let's see if you recognize this Doom armor. Doom wore this mask in the 2002 series, The Emperor Returns. Two years after this movie, which will remain unnamed, grossed
$187,705,427 and received 5 Oscars. Coincidence?
On my signal, unleash debate



This armor is from Fantastic Four (vol.3 #67). This is Doom's casual, America, blend-in armor. This is what Doom sports when he is feeling very GQ. I think it is a very pimp costume. Only Doom could sport that suit and hat. Kinda makes you want to go out and scar your face just so you can have a reason to wear it. (This mask also reminds me that Julian McMahon and Dr. Doom are connected in more ways than one. Sure McMahon plays the role of Doom in the Fantastic Four movie, but this Doom armor also inspired the antagonist on his hit show Nip / Tuck... I just made that up).



Doom's newest armor. It looks good, it feels good, and it has an all around sinister feel. Oh yeah, and it is made from the skin of Doctor Doom's only true love. SAY WHAT??!!! (you must shreik "say what" in a very high girlish pitch... let's try again) SAY WHAT??!! Good, now back to the armor. Doom needed more power, and where do you go when you need power? Hell, of course. SAY WHAT??!! (you're getting good) All jokes aside, this is a terrific story line, and I like the idea of having a mystical armor made of your ex's skin. Nothing says, "I love you," like wearing someone's lifeless skin as armor. Doom is truly a stand up guy. 
Take us out Frankie Baby.

♫♫I've got you under my skin.
I've got you deep in the heart of me.
So deep in my heart that you're really a part of me.
I've got you under my skin♫♫


Here we are, another Marvel future. Doom wakes up and Doom's in the future, but nobody remembers Doom. Now as impossible as that may sound, it's true. Doom finds that Tyger Wylde, a cyborg, is ruling Latveria. This makes Doom angry. Although Doom discovers his armor is way outdated, he changes it to this 2099 super armor and all is well.





Although Doom has had many armors, one is truly the all-out favorite and most recognizable.

"Doctor Doom wears a sophisticated suit of nuclear powered, micro-computer-enhanced body armor containing various offensive weaponry, including concussion beams (particle beams) and other devices subject to change; defensive weaponry including a force field (invisible kinetic energy/dimensional shunt) and the ability to charge the surface of his armor with 30,000 volts of electricity; and a self-contained air supply for 4 hours. He has been known to carry a molecular-expander pistol in a belt holster."

Specifications Include:

 Linear armature motors - flat, individually shaped to mimic motions of specific muscles.

Endo Skeleton Frame.

Thermonuclear power generators (2).

Gauntlet blasters - with energy discharge mixing chamber.

Force Field Generator array.

9 mm Broom Handle Mauser - handgun.

Man Amplifier Motors at hip, knee and elbow, ankle Communications Pod.

Nuclear Jet Engines - for jet flight.


Do not confuse these imposters with the real Doom.

Doom , once again showing how kind hearted Doom is, takes in Kristoff as his ward. Kristoff's parents were killed, and Doom, being such a nice hero, takes him in. Doom decides that if Doom should die, all Doom's memories will be planted in Kristoff. Nobody could ask for a better gift, but when Doom is suspected dead, Kristoff gets Doom's memories and crazy plotlines ensue. Kristoff modifies Doom's armor to fit his weak, small body, and gives the armor more of a “Knights of the Round Table” look. For many issues of the Fantastic Four readers are confused (not me, but others complained), but it comes with the territory. In the end, Kristoff joins the Fantastic Four, Doom comes back and pimp slaps his weak scrawny self, and Doom reigns supreme again.


Okay, peep this. This guy is descended from the relatives of the Master's parents.  He goes crazy as a... as a... well, I'm going to give you his straight up bio. I couldn't make up anything more hilarious (God knows I've tried).
Urine GoneQuote "Robert (Bob) Doom is a descendant of Latverian immigrants related to the parents of Latverian ruler Doctor Victor Von Doom. Considering himself a failure in his own eyes and envious of his relative's power, he hatched a plan to implant neuro-transcievers in the fillings of his wealthiest clients and to supplant their wills into surrendering their fortunes over to him. Through them and the devices, he planned to forge his own kingdom out of New York, New Jersey." Unquote
You heard right, gang; New Jersey. I've always heard dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession, but this proves it. If I was this guy, I'd use some dental floss and garat myself.
By the way, are you looking at this costume?? Seriously, are you? I'm glad I dropped the $19.95 (plus s&h) on a bottle of Urine Gone. Otherwise, the stains would be plentiful.



Doppleganger, the seed to all misunderstanding. What do you get when many different Doom look-a-likes are running around in the Marvel Universe? Doom appearing in many, many titles at once. Not the real Doom, who is fighting in the Infinity Wars, but Dopplegangers. This devilish Doppleganger stands in for Doom at Doom's annual dinner with Silver Sable. Doom's Doppleganger's armor is quite scary, but Silver Sable barely notices.



Man gets scarred up, turns evil, wears armor, mask, and a cape, has a great wealth of mystical powers; must be Doom right? Right? Nope. Just a multi-billion dollar property that has nothing to do with Doom. I would say more, but out of fear, I must stop. George Lucas has powers only the devil can grant. That's right... he can taste with his elbows. Ah...Ahh...Ahhh.. ripoffffff!!!



Son of a biscuit!! Looks like we have another Doom look-a-like. This is clearly not Doom inspired. I mean, he's not wearing a mask and he's a professor not a doctor. Who am I kidding? Professor Chaos is what you get when you look up Doctor Doom in a thesaurus. The great thing about this Doom look-a-like is that he is supposed to be just that. He is egomaniacal, talks in the third person, and has a minion sidekick (General Disarray). The only difference between Chaos and Doom is the scale. Doom may steal souls while Chaos steals erasers. Doom may launch the Baxter Building into space while Chaos tries to flood the world with a water hose.
You gotta love this guy. I just wish I knew his secret identity.
Ahhh, who am I kidding? Everyone Knows It's Butters
God bless South Park. 


See if this background / orgin story sounds familiar.
        Baron Verner von Ünderbheit controls the kingdom of Underland, where he has his own army and residents at his disposal. His metal jaw was installed after an apparent accident involving Dr. Venture and a science lab (they were lab partners in college), which is the major, and possibly only, reason he wants Dr. Venture destroyed. Often at Underbhiet's side is his ever-faithful 'Manservant' who was gifted to him in college. Oh yeah, he also went to college with Dr. Venture as an exchange student, if you didn't pick that up already.

Sound familiar to you?
No? Me Neither.


Ultimate Doom (Victor Van Damme) has a complete new take on the original armor. This armor comes complete with Metal Skin and goat hooves.......wait a minute...let me check my sources....yep, goat hooves. For some reason, no matter how many times I say it, it still sounds wrong.



The goat hooves are gone!! Keep reading issues of Ultimate Fantastic Four for more details, but until Marvel takes this good thing and screws it up, the goat hooves have went the way of Pauly Shore's career.




Movie Doom!!
Well, here it is. Hollywood has taken the armor of Original Doom, the powers of Ultimate Doom, invented their own origin, and voila..... a Doom so handsome that not even the most heterosexual man on the planet can look away. I always thought that the story of Doom could use a little "nip" here and a little "tuck" there..... If you'll excuse me, I'm going to the Office of Comedic Affairs to pick up my "Best Joke Ever" award.



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