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Days Gone By

Deonne Lucrezia Beaumont

From very early childhood, although I didn't know the names, the farthinggale / crinolin style of dress haunted me, but could think of no reason for it.

During my mid 20's exploration revealed the life of Charles d'Eon de Beaumont which brought peace of mind and thereafter my inner self dictated my progression.


Charles Genevieve Louise d'Eon de Beaumont. - 1728 - 1810

French diplomat. - Born at Tonnerre, Burgundy. - October 5th 1728

He entered the French Secret Service, being sent to Russia in 1755. From birth doubt had attached to his sex and he appeared at the Russia Court under the Empress Elizabert as a woman. His zeal in Russia and Austria both as an agent and attache won him honours, he became a soldier, serving under Broglie with distinction. He accompanied the ambassador, the Duc de Nivernais to England in 1762 but remained a charge d'affaires after his withdrawal, he refused to acknowledge de Nivernais successor, having secret instructions from Louis XV.

A furious quarrel resulted, which was finally settled by the Chevalier d'Eon, as he styled himself, being given a pension provided he appeared thereafter as a woman. For the rest of his life both in Paris and London from 1785 onwards he wore female clothes. Losing his pension after the revolution he supported himself by exhibitions of fencing being one of the best swordsmen of his time. He died in London May 21st, 1810. A post mortem examination established his predominantly masculine characteristics.

Whilst Ive no problem with equality laws what followed has lead to an inbalance within society that women appear to have made additions to the rules which effectively divided them into three groups.

(1) Those that have accepted equality and have continued their lives with no further demands.

(2) Those that seem to think because of the equality rulings the world owes them and make demands accordingly.

(3) Those who have deserted the feminine domain for something of their own creation through which their transvestic desires are displayed by donning trousers and either edwardian or bum freezer jackets. Some of them looking utterly ridiculous - fence pole thin and trouser leg long enough to conceal high heels worn to give a false impression of height. Thoughts of this group reminds me of something said in a British Television programme some years ago - " There anit any women anymore - just men with knickers " As for the excuses trotted out by these people beggars belief. - Its the fashion. Its more convient etc and so on. In the past woman could achieve what they wanted through their natural feminity and suggestion - now with surrendering of feminity all they can do is shout their demands.

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