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Deer Valley Farm is located 35 miles West of Concord, in Bradford, NH. I am the second generation to live here but the first to actually work the farm. I put an addition on the barn which followed the footprint of the original barn of 1811. The house is newer due to a fire in 1967. It is nestled between mountain peaks with about 15 acres of cleared land bounded by rock walls, several ponds and a lot of peace and quiet.

Missouri Fox Trotters are bred at Deer Valley Farm as the breed of choice. the Missouri Fox Trotter Gait is natural and smooth. Having lower back problems I have found that this breed is a pleasure to ride with no regrets afterward. Fox Trotters are also bred for their nice pleasant amiable temperaments. To ride a Fox Trotter is an equestrian treat. All the adult horses at Deer Valley Farm are broke to ride.

Border Collies are also bred at Deer Valley Farm. Several families have returned after buying one to buy another. They are excellent and intelligent dogs. There is usually one litter born in the spring or summer. Deer Valley Farm pups sell for $500 each. Both parents are on premises.

Boer X goats are also raised at Deer Valley Farm and sold for meat and pets.

Come on in and take a look around. To enlarge any photo, simply click on it.

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Deer Valley Farm

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