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 Ultra Absorbant Pads - 30 Pack

These Pads are perfect for indoor training purposes, giving your pup something familiar to associate going to the toilet in a certain area of their cage or home. A three layer protection means they are extremely absorbent and not only lock away moisture but also odour.

Pack of 30.


  • Suitable for: House training, crates and carriers
  • Extras:
    - Strong and tear resistant
    - Triple 'layer lock' protection  - With adhesive strip to stick to the floor.
  • Pack Size: 30

Available in 2 sizes  60x60cm  or 90x60cm

Ref:  AQ1958 - 60x60cm  Price: 13.75

AQ1959 - 60x90cm  Price: 16.00

Please contact to order this item:  info@dawnpet.com