Gear Bag Included

Complete Rig For Sale.  Icon I-4 - manufactured Feb 2005, aprox. 500 jumps, very good condition.  Stainless hardware, articulated hip rings, hackey handle on pilot chute.

Smart 150 reserve. Manufac. Feb 2005. 0 jumps

PD Stiletto 150 Main Canopy.  Manufac. 1997.  Aprox 700 jumps.  Canopy was sent to PD for complete reline and service.  New lineset installed, only 50 jumps on new lines. New channels on slider installed for collapsible drawstrings (see pic).  Some stitching reinforced on topskin.  All work done by PD.  Canopy flies and opens beautifully.

I am 5'9" medium build and rig fits well. 

I am heart broken to part with this gear as it was my baby and I treated it as so.  However, due to personal reasons I have not jumped for the past 3.5 years and so it seems pointless to continue to hold on to this equipment.  Gear Bag is included.

Asking Price:  GBP 1,700.00  


USD  $2700.00

I currently live in Malta - Europe but I will ship anywhere in the world.  To send gear outside Europe I may have to add a postage charge.


Tel:  356 99452365

Reserve Data Card, Front

Reserve Data Card, Back

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Side View

Container Front

Under reserve flap

Riser Covers



Main pack tray

Main pack tray

Canopy Label

Notice the new lines

New Lines 

New Lines 

Main Canopy

Pilot Chute

Pilot Chute Underside

Main D-Bag

D- Bag

D- Bag Top

Stiletto 150

Stiletto 150

New Slider Channels

Last Repack by Point Zero

Canopy Side