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1 Bag, 1 Cat, 1 Month. 

1 Bag of Litter Pearls of 1.8Kg will last 1 cat an entire month without having to change it.

No more smelly litter!  No more changing dirty litter on a daily basis! 

Litter Pearls is an award winning product.  Click here to see the awards that this product has won.

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Available in 3 sizes:  1.81Kg, 3.6Kg,











TracksLess Litter Pearls uses the newest and most revolutionary technology to create - "The Future in Cat Litter!" This innovative solution makes your cat box – ODOUR FREE, CLUMP FREE,HASSLE FREE.

It will forever change the way you care for your cat.

TracksLess Litter Pearls works like this:

Absorbs Moisture Instantly.
This means when the cat visits the litter box, the Litter Pearls absorb all liquid waste in seconds. There are no big heavy clumps to scoop out and amazingly the pearls stay dry to the touch!

Totally Eliminates Odour. We all know that litter boxes can be a sure giveaway that you have a cat in your house. Well, no more, the odours are immediately locked into the Litter Pearls and remain locked inside for the entire usage period.

Very Low Maintenance.
Remember all the time you have spent carrying heavy bags, boxes and jugs home from the store. Scooping clumps and dumping litter pans weekly. Now you can enjoy the convenience of Litter Pearls. One bag of our cat litter weighs only four pounds. Using our specially designed Crystal Clear Litter Scoop simply scoop the solid waste out of the box and at the same time, give the pearls a stir to ensure even coverage. The super absorbency of the Litter Pearls also assist in the drying of the solid waste, which makes clean up a breeze!

Earth Friendly.
Litter Pearls are 100% safe and 100% chemically and biologically inert. They are completely non-toxic and safe for pets and people - even if consumed! It is fine to put in landfills and will degrade back to sand over time in your garden.

Litter Pearls makes liquid disappear, and in the process is scent free and odour eliminating, easy handling, anti-bacterial, and a cleaner looking product for your home.

For more information review the questions and answers to follow. Rest assured we have taken every precaution to bring the best and safest possible product available. We are sure you and your cats will enjoy this new technology and we are confident that you will feel we given you a superior product that will-

Make Liquids Disappear and all Odours Vanish!!