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Did you know dogs prefer plush toys more than any other type of dog toys? Before you rule out plush dog toys because they are not strong enough for your dog, please take a moment to find out what your dog prefers and what is good for him.

Dogs prefer and need plush toys for the following reasons:

1. Plush dog toys resemble the little critters their ancestors used to chase and hunt in the wild. Even though we have domesticated them, their praying instinct is hard-wired in their brain. Not acknowledging this instinct is the same as not allowing your best friend to be a dog. Denying their need to chase and hunt will eventually lead to destructive behaviors.

2. Plush materials retain owner's scent better than any other material. We all know dogs get separation anxiety when owner is not around. Dogs get a great deal amount of comfort from being able to smell you even if you are not present. Plush toys are the simplest and cheapest way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog as well as help reduce separation anxiety.

3. Dogs have a strong need to seek and destroy. We know destroying is the part that you don't want. But what is more natural to your dog and better for your dog? Trying to find an indestructible toy for your dog to play with for the rest of his life is denying his natural desire to seek and destroy. We make sure to carry good quality plush dog toys that last longer so that you can afford to provide the best for your best friend.


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